November 2023 Additions

We have been hard at work adding valuable new content to our site. This month, we are excited to introduce a variety of new recipes that will inspire and delight. From a stunning Beer Mug sculpture by Jonathan Fudge, to a 6ft Large Christmas Present, a festive Christmas Tree Chandelier, and a Simple Turkey Recipe, we have something for every occasion. For those with a sweet tooth, we also have a 12ft Gingerbread House and a delectable Converse Style Shoe Sculpture. And let’s not forget the sports enthusiasts – check out the Balloon Football Player! Lastly, we have a 9ft Wreath and an 8ft Christmas Tree Guy to bring holiday cheer to any space. These are just a few of the exciting recipes we have added this month. Log in to The Balloon Guild and explore the full range of new additions that can elevate your balloon decor game. Happy crafting!


October 2023 Additions

We’ve been hard at work adding some fantastic new recipes to our collection. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning turkey sculpture, a playful Buzz Lightyear display, or a spooky spider balloon sculpture, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also added some useful tutorials on making large and small balloon-covered water weights, perfect for adding stability to your balloon creations. And if you’re in the mood for some Halloween-inspired decor, check out our new recipes for a charming 1st Boo Day display, a witch display sculpture, and an impressive 8ft-tall trick-or-treat basket. With these new additions, we hope to inspire your creativity and help you deliver unforgettable balloon decor to your clients.


September 2023 Additions

We’ve been hard at work adding valuable new content to our site at The Balloon Guild! This month, we’re excited to introduce two new additions to our recipe and SOP collections. Dive into the world of stunning balloon decor with our 8ft Illuminated Ice Column recipe, which will add a touch of elegance and flair to any event. And for those looking to boost their online presence, our Introduction to SEO SOP will guide you through the basics of search engine optimization. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming your way!



August 2023 Additions

We’ve been hard at work adding valuable new content to The Balloon Guild! In the recipes section, you’ll find the 7-8′ Illuminated Fire Column, a stunning decor option that is sure to impress. We also have the Small Wind Waver and the Large Wind Waver, which are both perfect for outdoor events. In the SOPs section, we have a helpful guide on how to build above your framing. These additions are just a taste of the valuable resources we have to offer. Keep exploring and elevate your balloon decor game with The Balloon Guild!



July 2023 Additions

We’ve been hard at work adding some exciting new content to The Balloon Guild website! This month, we’re thrilled to introduce a collection of new recipes that will help you create stunning balloon decor for your clients. From a towering 7ft Crayon sculpture to a majestic Cinderella Carriage, these recipes offer step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to bring your designs to life. We’ve also included unique creations like the Oscar Sculpture, Mermaid Tail Sculpture, and Dancing Dome for those looking to add a touch of whimsy to their events. Check out these new recipes and take your balloon artistry to the next level!


June 2023 Additions

We’ve been hard at work adding valuable new content to The Balloon Guild’s collection of recipes and SOPs! This month, we’re excited to showcase some fantastic new recipes, including a 9ft Wearable Uncle Sam Costume, an 8ft Magic Arch Column, a beautiful Rainbow Heart Sculpture with Links, and a towering 7ft Balloon Nurse Sculpture. In addition, we’ve added several new SOPs to help streamline your business operations, such as the Map Listing SOP for Local Brand Manager, the Purpose Driven Business Master Class, Delegation guidelines, a Greeting Phone Script, comprehensive Packing Lists, expert advice on Lighting, and tips for handling Pool Jobs with Balloon Decor. Check out our latest additions and take advantage of the wealth of resources we have to offer!



May 2023

Major Updates are happening

As anticipated, there are tons more recipes available and we have updated and edited many of the first recipes we have put up. So, feel free to check out the new “sample” video we have below to get an idea of some of the power of our new search functions.

Can’t wait to see you as part of the guild!

Remember, we have a private Facebook group for those that are members as well. So, be sure to add yourself to the Facebook group once you subscribe!

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December Updates

We have been working on a ton of different updates this month as it is our first month going live. The main item is our search functionality. After that, we have been updating other things as well. Here are a few highlights.

– Search via keyword, or use one of the drop-down menus to see what we have available in our system. Right now, you can even just search “blank” and get everything available to you to propagate.
– When you click on an image in search, it currently downloads the recipe directly to your computer or phone. (We will be changing this shortly.)

Recipe Landing Pages:
– This is in the works, but we hope to have it live in a day or two. The main functionality is that we would send you to a landing page from search instead of an instant download. This allows us to do a few other things that we could not otherwise do.
– Formatting, layout, and usability are all things we are working on here. Please have patience.
– A key difference would be that we would send you to an image of the recipe so that you and your staff can use your phone rather than having to download, print, and use a physical print.
– This also gives us WAY more customization options for getting you more content in a cleaner, more usable way.

Updates / Releases:
– We now are posting updates and releases so that you (and others) can know what is going on with the website. This is a quick way to know what is going on.
– Adding tags to these posts should allow you to look up all things in a given month, year, or category so that you can stay up to date.
– We hope to automate much of this so that you could potentially subscribe to the RSS feed and always know what is being added. At the moment a full search shows everything, but this would show you what is most recent.
– We also have a “monthly digest” in the works to help put all the individual releases together and so you can quickly and easily see what was added each month.

– We have a public AND a private facebook group
– On the facebook page, we intend to hold additional content, updates, live updates, polls, recipe requests, support, and more! Highly recommend you request to join. This is live now, but will also be “active” before the end of the month. So, make sure you are on board now!

– It may or may not be temporary, but we now have a shield and crest for The Balloon Guild. Bootstrapping, but at least we are doing it with a little bit of style.

– We had a few concerns about the formatting of the images and the font choice. So, we will be slowing down uploads, working to address this, and then changing everything in our system before we add more uploads again.
– We will also be adding another accent color to the recipes. This will allow those wishing to edit the recipes to have the ability to accent them with 2 colors pretty easily.

Editable Recipes:
– We have decided to allow this, but are working on the details on exactly how we put it together so that nothing can “break” in the future. It also requires a bunch of coding on the backend to change our layouts, etc. So, just know we have it on our board of “to do” for you guys! We’re super excited and hope you are too!

As you can expect, there is always more to do. So, if you have ideas / suggestions, please let us know! (The best way is via the facebook group, but an email works too.)

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2022 December Release

Here are the lists of recipes we’ve put out this month.

  • 20 Ft Standard Arch Solid Color
  • 20 Ft Standard Arch Color Blocked 2 Color
  • 20 Ft Standard Arch Color Blocked 3 Color
  • 20 Ft Standard Arch Chevron 2 Color
  • 20 Ft Standard Arch Chevron 6 Color
  • 20 Ft Standard Polka Dot 2 Color
  • 20 Ft Standard Arch Pseudo Organic 6 Color
  • 5 Ft Standard Column Solid Color
  • 5 Ft Standard Column Quick Spiral 2 Color
  • 5 Ft Standard Column Quick Spiral 3 Color
  • 5 Ft Standard Column Quick Spiral 4 Color
  • Sculpture Candy Cane 10 Ft

We are also attempting to add the following before the end of the month:

  • Sculpture Santa Column
  • Topiary
  • Topiary Snowflake
  • Mini Centerpiece

If you are a member, log in to see the recipes and to be able to download them to your computer.

If you are not a member, join! We would love to have you as part of The Balloon Guild.