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Free Balloon Decor recipes

Here are a number of free recipes and resources that we’ve found online that may be useful for you. These vary in quality, style and technique and are not specifically suggested or encouraged by The Balloon Guild, but these are definitely a place to start when there is not a recipe already within The Balloon Guild recipe section.

Recipes Available Online

Loftus International Balloon Recipes – A series of free recipes available from Lutfus

The Very Best Balloon Blog by Sue Bowler – A series of free recipes available for her readers.

Balloon Decor Recipes by Linda Kiss – This is a paid recipe program that also has free recipes available.

Decor Lab on YouTube – This has a some YouTube videos on how to do certain balloon decor pieces, notably organics.

Balloons Everywhere – Here is a distributor that offers free recipes on their website.

Party Empire Recipes – They put together a list from Pinterest of recipes they found. They seem to be selling the colors in the images.

Ask Me for a Balloon on YouTube – They offer a number of videos teaching some balloon decor.

Balloon Art Online by Barak Dagan – These are a number of videos, some of which are decor, but many of which are around twisting.

SOPs Available Online

Balloon Biz Academy – How to create balloon bases

Balloon Suite – How to start a balloon business